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    Advice for Freelancers: On the Importance of a Morning Routine

    Recently, someone asked me what advice I would give to freelancers who were just starting out. My answer is simple: you need a morning routine. Yes, that’s it. It might sound completely irrelevant. Morning routine? Why focus on that when there are so many websites, courses, and workshops that can help you become a better freelancer? Sure, those workshops, courses and whatnot are all designed to make you succeed as a freelancer. What they won’t be able to do is help you take the first step to actually do it. If you don’t take the first step yourself, if you don’t have the determination to do it, you won’t ever…

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    Freelancing 101: Things to Consider Before You Begin

    Freelancing seems to be the new buzzword in town. Especially since the pandemic changed the way we work. But freelancing isn’t all that new. Now, it sure sounds like a new concept. After all, I’m pretty sure growing up, most of us never heard of “freelancing”. It’s just not something that came up. It was very rare. Of course, sometimes we’d see the title “Freelance Journalist” on BBC or CNN, but that was rare too. Growing up, the only time I came across it was when I read this book in fourth grade, and the writer was described as a freelance muralist. I still don’t really understand what that is.…

  • an aerial view of a graphic designer sketching a design with a laptop, mobile and coffee

    Why Your Blog Name Matters (And How to Pick the Perfect One)

    When I decided to create this website, one of the first things that came into my head was the name. Before this blog, I’ve had quite a few online diaries with very creative names. After all, your blog name will define you, your blog and its contents for a very long time. Sure, you have the option to change your blog name at any given time but let’s be real: no one really does that unless there’s some major rebranding. Also, it’s worth noting that while companies and businesses can totally change their names due to a merger or a rebranding attempt (looks at Facebook, I mean, Meta), bloggers and…

  • a typewriter showing the words, "to blog...or not to blog"

    Blogging 101: How to Write Your First Blog Post

    I know. You’d think that I’d have a better idea for the first blog post. In fact, I’d think I’d do better. After all, I’ve done this before. In the past year alone, I’ve worked for two separate companies, helping them create their digital marketing strategy, which includes blogging. A big chunk of my job was to do the necessary research and come up with blog post ideas (among other things) that could be used over the next few months. So, how is it that, when I made my own website to showcase my content creation abilities, I couldn’t think of anything? Well, the answer is kind of simple: my…