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    How You Can Leverage AI Tools to Write Faster

    In the last blog post, we spoke about delusions on AI tools replacing writers. Of course, I’m going to stick to my stance that writers cannot be replaced, but we did end the blog on a more positive note. AI tools, for better or worse, are here to stay. So, what can we do about them? In the case of new technology everywhere, there’s a general consensus that you either get with the program or risk falling behind. Luckily for us, at this point, it’s not about falling behind, but rather…well, allowing your work to fall behind. SEO’s very cutthroat, if I do say so myself. What worked about a…

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    On the Rise (and Fall) of AI Writing Tools

    It’s been about a year-ish since AI driven content took the world by storm. More specifically AI writing tools. I was actually in an interview with the CEO of a tech company, the day after ChatGPT-4 was announced. Up until that point, I had been extremely excited by the idea of AI writing tools. Unfortunately, some employers decided to believe that AI writing tools were a replacement for copywriters and not a useful writing aid for them.  Seriously.  Let’s go back to the interview I was in. I was pretty confident that I would get the job. My experience was perfectly aligned with the position. I had the perfect references,…

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    Writing 101: Copywriting vs Content Writing

    Have you wondered what the difference between copywriting and content writing is? Of course, both consist of the word “writing” in them. Sure, you have to form sentences and follow grammar rules to create a piece of written content. However, that’s the only similarity between these two phrases. Copywriting vs content writing is an interesting notion in digital marketing. You’ve probably seen hundreds of articles with these words, taking about the “writing process“. The truth is, if you’re interested in digital marketing or any kind of marketing really, you must understand the difference between these two mediums. So, copywriting vs content writing- what is it? To understand the differences between…

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    Writing 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

    I’ve been writing since I was four years old. Or younger, I don’t remember exactly. But what I do remember is that even in my earliest memories, there would always be a purple spiral notebook in my hand. I don’t know what drew me to writing.  It was just something that I did. A popular story I’ve known is that I couldn’t really express myself and writing was my refuge. Unlike other childhood pastimes, like drawing and trying to magic my younger siblings out of existence, this is the only “hobby” that has stuck. Well, writing and reading are the only hobbies that have stuck. Yet, I find myself writing…