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Why Your Blog Name Matters (And How to Pick the Perfect One)

When I decided to create this website, one of the first things that came into my head was the name. Before this blog, I’ve had quite a few online diaries with very creative names. After all, your blog name will define you, your blog and its contents for a very long time.

Sure, you have the option to change your blog name at any given time but let’s be real: no one really does that unless there’s some major rebranding.

Also, it’s worth noting that while companies and businesses can totally change their names due to a merger or a rebranding attempt (looks at Facebook, I mean, Meta), bloggers and small businesses can’t always afford to do that.

Generally, your blog name will stick, and unless you decide to sell your domain name and be done with it, you’re stuck with it.

So, it’s very important that you choose a blog name that works for you.

What’s in a Name? 

A lot actually. My first experience with blogging was actually because of a certain not-Ivy Ivy League university (we don’t name wannabe need-blind institutions that operate on pity parties and capitalism).

We had the option to submit a portfolio or something that represented us completely. As an extremely active A-Level student, I decided to record my entire senior year. From the day of my AS Level results (which were fabulous) to my college applications process, all the way until the day said university decided to reject me (unless I paid in full).

As you can see, I’m totally over that. But that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, I called the blog “musingsofahighschoolsenior” and it doesn’t exist anymore because I deleted my Blogger account shortly after the rejection.

I resumed writing online diaries on LiveJournal during my second year at university. It’s actually still up but I had to stop uploading because everyone I know was reading it.

I think that was a pretty good exercise on learning what I can say online or not. I briefly experimented with a Twitter diary but that’s not a good idea at all.

Finally, last year, I started writing on my Tumblr account. I would say that my Tumblr blog was probably the best.

If the government of Pakistan hadn’t decided to ban Tumblr, I probably would’ve continued it. I called it “Looking for Alaska Supreme,” because:

  1. I like the book, and
  2. Alaska Supreme’s my favourite drink at Dunkin

It was a nice blend of two of my favourite things.

Choosing Your Blog Name 

To make sure that your blog name accurately represents you and your website, you need to think about a few things.

What’s Your Niche?

In the world of copy and content writing, a niche refers to any industry or subject matter that you have knowledge or professional experience in. 

Essentially, when you pick a niche for your blog, you need to be able to continue talking about it for at least a while. For example, since I’m a copywriter, I can talk about writing and freelancing. 

I could also write about finance because that’s my niche, but I don’t feel the need to. At present, I’ve chosen writing and, by extension, freelancing as the niche for this blog. The reason behind this decision was that I wanted to show that I can write on lighter, more reader-friendly subjects.

The financial articles I usually write are geared towards a more knowledgeable audience, so there’s a lot of industry-specific jargon.

Of course, I’m pretty sure many people would like to create a blog about finance, and that’s great. I just can’t imagine writing financial articles for a living and then running a blog about it in my free time too.

Your blog doesn’t have to follow one particular niche, though. It could be a collection of niches. Many bloggers talk about lifestyle, food, travelling, DIY projects and more, all in one blog.

Just be sure that you have a good idea of the number of niches you’re covering.

Does It Serve Its Purpose?

For some reason, a lot of people seem to think that when you’re talking about a particular niche, you HAVE to ensure that the main idea is in the blog’s name. Of course, from an SEO standpoint, this could be helpful.

But it’s 2022. We don’t solely depend on keywords to get the job done. Also, Google’s a lot smarter now too. It won’t discriminate against your blog or website if it has a different name than the subject matter.

Google tracks your content. If you’re constantly writing about fashion, for example, it’s going to consider it as a fashion blog. It’s really that simple.

I’m sure that there are plenty of blogs out there with the word “fashion” or maybe shoes or makeup as part of their blog name. You could choose to be one of those blogs, but if you’re not happy with it, don’t do it.

Don’t name your blog something you’ll grow to resent. If you think it’ll help your blog’s traffic, by all means, call it “Fashion Statement” or whatever you come with. 

But if you don’t want to, there’s nothing SEO can’t solve.

Think About Your Audience 

Your audience’s reaction to your blog or website is a major factor to consider. Of course, if you’re going for a lifestyle brand, you could argue that you’re representing yourself and your style.

However, it’s worth noting that from a business perspective, it’s probably not a good idea to put yourself first. Chances are, you come up with a very catchy name that resonates with your audience.

Unfortunately, there’s also a chance that your audience will not understand why you decided to go with a specific blog name. 

Think of your blog as your personal brand. If your chosen name is based on aesthetic or design reasons, be sure that you can pull it off.

It might feel strange at first, but customers are really good at embracing brand identity, especially if it’s something completely different.

As long as you’re sure about your blog name, you can do anything. Just be mindful of the points I’ve mentioned here, and you’re good to go.

Set Up Your Domain Name and You’re Done! 

After picking your name, you will have to buy your domain name. I actually used Name Cheap to purchase this particular domain name, and I prefer using WordPress over the other platforms out there.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide where you’re going to buy your domain name from, as well as whether you’re going to use WordPress or Squarespace. It depends on you and the kind of website or blog you’re making.

Unless you’re doing something very technical, you can’t go wrong with web hosting platforms in the beginning. You can download any of the numerous free themes (or pay for one, if you want to), and voilà! You’re all done.

Your website’s done. You can begin posting as soon as you’ve got a blog post ready. Of course, that’s an entirely different can of worms. If you’re confused or anxious about your first blog post, don’t worry about it. I’ve got you covered.

Check out my first blog post that tackles this very issue. Happy reading!

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