As you can probably tell by now, I really like writing. I’ve submitted some short stories here there, and they’ve been published!

My stories primarily focus on relationships, personal mythology & identity with splatterings of adjusting to adulthood after a sheltered childhood. Basically, I have issues to work over. Just kidding…or am I?

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my work!


Eight people go missing in the city every day” – The Minison Project Magazine (October 2022)

On the Tradition of Always Having Starbucks At the Airport” – Chinchilla Lit (November 2022)

First MeetingsHeart Balm Literary (November 2022)

The Legend of the Old Pond at the Edge of Civilisation” – Sublunary Review (March 2023)

Golden Steaks & Pocket Change – Defunct Magazine (May 2023)

Death of a Stranger – Fahmidan Journal (June 2023)

Practical Potions for Impractical Witches” – All Existing Literary Magazine (June 2023)

1975” – The Bookends Review (September 2023)

Two Strangers, At the End of the World” – The Afterpast Review (December 2023)

Creative Nonfiction

The Time I Evaded An Unwanted Marriage Proposal – Welter Online (December 2022)

7 Things Nana Used to Say” – Ignatian Literary Magazine (December 2023)

On the Nuances of Preparing Chai” – Untenured (December 2023)